For sale 1957 SAAB 93A with MM History

The car has a total of 65,000 km since new. It received a complete cosmetic and technical overhaul. The car has been sanded, primed and finished by professionals in Saab painting. Therefore, we can say that the car is in a better condition than NEW. Engine and gearbox are the original ones (matching numbers) and have been renovated and updated by specialist Bengt-Erik Strom, Trollhattan and Knutt Hoglund Sjuntorp. The 750cc engine is tuned by the 2-stroke supremo Bengt-Erik Ström, who was once an engine mechanic at the Saab Competition Department and formerly Eric Carlsson’s motor specialist. All mechanical components are thoroughly restored and updated (brake system, generator, fuel pump, starter motor, carburettor and cooling system). In addition to the original equipment, the car has been equipped with a Saab Original Sport steering wheel and a period correct trip master (halda) Both are considered exclusive and attractive accessories. 

The car’s value is greatly affected by the fact that this particular SAAB was the first to complete the 1000Miglia in 2009 after its class victory in 1957. The race was completed without any problems. In 2010, the car took part again. Meanwhile it was already admired by legendary people such as Victor Muller and Jan-Ake Jonsson. respectively CEO of SAAB Automobile at the time. Once again, the race was completed without any problems. The car’s condition is also confirmed by the fact that it completed two races without breakdowns.